Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emma, pt. 16

Want to start at the beginning? - Emma, pt 1.


Sil’s feet made no noise as he walked through the wet grass. Emma lightened her step to match his so her own feet slid over the damp ground noiselessly. The light of the fire behind them was a harsh glare on an otherwise dark landscape. 

A cold breeze raised goose-pimples on her arms, and she regretted leaving her jacket in the tent. 

Sil lead her down a slope so the camp was above them. Tents and horses vanished over the lip of the hill, followed by the fire so only an orange glow in the air remained. He kept walking, not speaking, keeping his eyes on his footing. When even the faint light of the fire began to fade, unease rippled through Emma’s gut.