Thursday, November 15, 2012

Emma, pt. 15

Want to start at the beginning? - Emma, pt 1.


The storm that threatened all day never came. The bloated, grey clouds dropped little more than the annoying spray that followed them to the campsite. 

The sparse trees vanished entirely and gave way to a grassy field. On the horizon Emma could see some huge red formation of rock, dark and shadowed on such a day. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Emma, pt. 14

Want to start at the beginning? - Emma, pt 1.


The bow Emma held was smooth, the wood flexible. She’d been surprised; the bows her father had taught her to use were smaller and more rigid. This bow would allow her to hit a target farther away, but it would also require more control and strength to use.

Sil crouched silently next to her, watching the far field as he aimed his bow.

When Emma had asked if she could learn to use the larger bows she’d expected Lison to teach her. She imagined his arms wrapped around hers, helping her aim the bow; she’d pictured his fingers brushing against hers as she worked the tight string. 

When she proposed it he agreed it was a good idea for her to learn, but confessed to being a horrible shot. So Emma now found herself out in the woods with Sil, hunting kinibs.