Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blue Coast pt.2

Want to start at the beginning? Blue Coast pt. 1

Part 2

Emma was only spared a scolding for dripping water through the house because the servants cleared it away moments after she walked in the door. Her mother was in a rare anxious mood, in a rush to make everything ready for their guests, and the servants were in a rush behind her. The Laudriel estate was about to be host to visiting elves from Blue Coast and the many nobel dwin from Pauldrein who would come to see them.

Emma’s plans with Rilen made the whole formal affair seem much more exciting than it had before. Soon her knowledge of Blue Coast might not just come from visitors and travelers, she might actually see the city for herself.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ice pt. 5

Want to start at the beginning? - Ice, Part 1

Wilham made his way lightly over uneven stones and debris. The further they went, the worse the condition of the hallways.

“Why did you come up here?” Domani finally asked.

“To see what was here.”

“Father is going to be mad.”

Wilham blushed a little. He seemed genuinely affected each time their father scolded him for disobedience, yet it never seemed to act as a deterrent when new chances for adventure presented themselves.

“So don’t tell him, please.”

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ice pt. 4

Want to start at the beginning? - Ice, Part 1


“Can the fire be any bigger?”

Domani had not minded the cold on the trip - out in the wild, snow and trees on all sides. It had actually been exciting, something to keep her mind sharp. But here in her room she’d expected to have a chance to warm, instead the cold seemed to be penetrating her more, gripping at her bones, making it a labor to do more than sit and shiver.

“I’ve already had words with the maids who didn’t think to warm your room for you before your arrival,” Aleanna, Domani’s keeper, carefully took garments out of the travel chest and hung them in a wardrobe, “It will take time to heat a space this big, but it won’t be this cold always. By tomorrow you’ll be toasty in here.”

“It seems there are a lot of unexpected things to get used to.”

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ice pt. 3

Want to start at the beginning? - Ice, Part 1


The Guardian’s cave was lit by sunlight that shone through dozens of imperfections in the rock. Each crack was adorned with a cluster of icicles that held the light, magnifying it and casting it into the many corners and crevices of the cave.

The ground too, was covered in icicles, tall, thick icicles that thrust upward into the cave’s cold interior. In the far rear of the cave, so deep that shadows fought against the icy light, an ice flow spanned from ground to ceiling.

The boy sat in the cave listening to the whispers of his brothers and sisters who had passed into the ice. They were children so old, so full of the ice magics that guarded their home, that they had become rooted to the land, locked into the ice flow at the far interior of the cave. They seeming as cold and unmoving as the river that formed their boarder. But just like that river, deep below the surface life still flowed, and in quiet moments they spoke to their siblings.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blue Coast

Writing is rewriting, and in that spirit, I've cleared the ground and started my 'Emma' story over. I plan to salvage some of the old writing, but much of it will be completely new material. Part one starts today.
Blue Cost Part 1

Clouds ringed the valley, swallowing the trees and rocks of the upper slopes in a grey mist. Even at noon the sun could not cut through the dense cover, leaving the valley in cold shadow.

The statue Emma leaned against was damp and cold, but she paid it little mind. With her eyes closed she took deep breaths, letting the cold air linger in her nose and throat before slowly exhaling. It felt clean, fresh, like she was the first being in the whole world to breath in that particular gulp of air. She thought about nothing as she pressed her back into the statue and breathed.

When she finally opened her eyes she looked to the line of clouds moving further down the sloping edge of the valley. It created the illusion that there was nothing more to the world than the green valley walls and the city that rested in its center. There was no sky, no sun, no hint that anything lived outside of the dwin city of Paulderain.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unweaving pt. 3

Want to start at the beginning - Unweaving pt. 1

Robin’s friends called the house a few times to check on her. She decided that they must have set up shifts because the same person never called twice in a row. Not that she ever spoke to them. She let everything go to voicemail, and she completely ignored texts. She could imagine them on the phone with each other, sharing their worries, just as she had with them after Caius’ mother died.

Robin couldn’t think of anything to say to them, and could imagine only too clearly the things they would say to her. The only thing she could think to do was continue to ignore them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Companions - Updated and unabridged

Recently one of my stories was published in the Niner Anthology 'We Had Stars Once'.

Though this story has appeared here before, I have decided to post an updated and unabridged version. On this blog I can expand my stories out to fill in my growing 'Divide' universe in a way that is not appropriate for a short story anthology.


Mountains rose out of stony planes, a long spine of earth and trees that stretched across the horizon. Waning sunlight cast the mountainside in a pale orange glow. Flat pine needles reflected the light, washing the forest in false autumn colors.

Cutting a path through the trees, overgrown with moss and creeping vines, was a steep dirt road. The stones that once lined either side of the trail had slipped away, succumbing to the incline. In their place ground cover slowly reclaimed the road. The rhythmic sound of hoofbeats against the ground was muffled by the dense trees all around.